Caitlin Marie Driver is an Artist, Designer, Reiki Master, and Syinthesis® Sound Healing Facilitator. She designs jewelry, offers workshops in the alchemy of design and jewelry design, facilitates sound journeys and Reiki sessions and has a design consulting business, Pure Wholistic Alchemy, LLC. Caitlin aims to elevate and empower her clients through her products and services.

“The foundation of my work is rooted in vibration and intention. During the process of creation I pay close attention to my thoughts and energy, and I do my best to always see through the lens of love and gratitude. This is essential to creating because thoughts are matter and the resonance of that matter embed themselves into our creations. My service to the world is to consciously create objects and experiences that energetically uplift the vibration of the planet.” - Caitlin Marie Driver

wholistic (whole - istic) design : the process of creating aligned material and energetic resonance, with purity of intention, for the greater good of the whole